The music band Szelindek was founded in 2010 with the aim to play and reenact historical music. The goal was to reproduce the medieval world music from the area of both Europe and Asia obtaining the original historical sound using the authentic historical instruments. The emphasis is put on the promotion and reproduction of traditional folk music of regions: the Carpathians, Hungary, Polish, the Balkans and Turkey. The band reproduce the original sounds on such instruments as: bagpipe, hurdy gurdy, laute, rauschpfeife, zurna, , koboz, tamburine, drums, darbuka, duzuki, oud, baglama.

The table below lists songs that feature recordings made by Szelindek. Click on a song name to see the lyrics and more info, or click on a download link to play the corresponding audio sample.

# Song title Audio samples
1 Сокол ми лета високо download