Ете така дедо Димо

Ete taka dedo Dimo

Ете така дедо Димо

Ете така дедо Димо
на старост се жени,
зеде жена на помлада,
стотин' кила мери.

Викна зурли, ем тапани,
триста и пет свата,
седум попа и три ѓака,
дур' и старосвата.

Па си трга на венчило,
сè што беше ојде,
до црквата дедо Димо
без душа ми дојде.

Ete taka dedo Dimo

Ete taka dedo Dimo
na starost se zheni,
zede zhena na pomlada,
stotin' kila meri.

Vikna zurli, em tapani,
trista i pet svata,
sedum popa i tri gjaka,
dur' i starosvata.

Pa si trga na venchilo,
sè shto beshe ojde,
do crkvata dedo Dimo
bez dusha mi dojde.

There, grandpa Dimo

There, grandpa Dimo,
got married at old age,
he married a younger woman,
weighting about a hundred kilos.

He called for zurli and drums,
three hundred and five guests,
seven priests, three ministers,
even a best man.

So he went to the ceremony,
everyone was there,
but to come to the church grandpa Dimo
barely made it.

Note: "zurla" (plural "zurli) is an oboe-like woodwind musical instrument.

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