Нарочува бело Менде, порочува

Narochuva belo Mende, porochuva

Нарочува бело Менде, порочува

Нарочува бело Менде, порочува:
„Како знојеш, аџи Павле да си дојеш“.

Да си доеш, аџи Павле пред Петровден,
пред Петровден, аџи Павле, две недели.

Ако не доеш, аџи Павле, пред Петровден,
ќа го најеш бело Менде оможено.

Narochuva belo Mende, porochuva

Narochuva belo Mende, porochuva:
„Kako znojesh, adzhi Pavle da si dojesh“.

Da si doesh, adzhi Pavle pred Petrovden,
pred Petrovden, adzhi Pavle, dve nedeli.

Ako ne doesh, adzhi Pavle, pred Petrovden,
kja go najesh belo Mende omozheno.

White Mende sends a note

White Mende sends a note:
- "As soon as you can, pilgrim Pavle, come back".

Come back, pilgrim Pavle, before Petrovden,
before Petrovden, pilgrim Pavle, two weeks before.

If you don't come, pilgrim Pavle, before Petrovden,
you will find white Mende married.

Note: "Petrovden" (literally meaning: "Peter's day") is actually the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, but in some Orthodox Christian countries like Macedonia, which use the older Julian calendar, it is observed on 12th of July, instead of 29th of June.

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