John Pappas

John Pappas was born in Aegean Macedonia in the village of Chereshnitsa, near Kostur. He came to the USA when he was a child of 9 years old and absorbed the American way. Soon, however, he realized that his parent's and grandparent's culture would die and be supplanted by the American culture. His children and grandchildren, along with his cousins and their children, would not know where they came from. To slow that down, he started a website to preserve the culture of the village, which is now a ghost village of approximately 10 inhabitants. His son, David, is actually the webmaster of the site. Please visit the site [] and learn of its history and customs. There you will find music, some history, customs, a book written by his brother Pando, many folk dances taught by John, etc. We thank Zoran for starting and maintaining this site of Macedonian songs so the whole world will appreciate our music.

The table below lists songs that feature translations made by John Pappas. Click on a song name to see the lyrics and more info.

# Song title Language
1 Едно малој моме (A Small Young Girl) EN
2 Из долу иде (A maiden walks along) EN
3 Каде сте, Македончиња? (Where are you little Macedonians) EN
4 Стани, стани, другар Алексовски (Get up, get up, comrade Aleksovski) EN
5 Три години се љубевме (Three years we were in love) EN