Chris Avram

Chris Avram was born 1951 in Shepparton, Australia to newly arrived migrants from Bitousha / Parorio, a village near Lerin / Florina. He grew up in a Macedonian speaking community, learning his English at school only after he was five years old. He was Professor of Computer Technology and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at Monash University.

He speaks the Florina village dialect well and the Bitola dialect moderately, learned from a brother in law in his teen years.

Having never done schooling in Macedonian, he reads and writes poorly. Think of him as speaking 1940s pre independence Macedonian. The words he knows are those of farmers, reaping wheat, shepherding sheep, grazing cattle, plowing with oxen.

He can get by in Skopje, but asks the same question over and over to ensure he understands.

A skill useful to transcribing and translating songs.

The table below lists songs that feature translations made by Chris Avram. Click on a song name to see the lyrics and more info.

# Song title Language
1 Таму негде леринско (Somewhere there near Lerin) EN