Tanec performing Teshkoto oro

This web site is a collection of traditional folk songs from Macedonia. Macedonian folk music, created on one of the major crossroads of our civilization, has a specific mixture in all of its elements: instruments, rhythms, lyrics and melodies. Some of the songs presented here are old for decades, and some are even old for centuries.

Pesna.org contains 1456 lyrics, 1027 translations in 14 languages, contributed by 45 translators, as well as 3986 mp3 audio samples of Macedonian folk songs, recorded by 1014 performers. The library was first published in 2005 and is constantly being expanded with new additions, often with help from people like you.


My name is Zoran Stalevski (Wikipedia) and I am the owner and creator of Pesna.org. I am a software developer who lives in Ohrid. I want to express my endless gratitude to all the people who contributed in making this site what it is today, by sending me lyrics or translations of lyrics, as well as audio recordings.

Over the years, with some of you I developed close personal connections, which I consider to be a great privilege. Your help means a lot, not just to the collection, but also to me personally, because it motivates me to continue building this valuable resource, knowing that there are a lot of people who enjoy using it. Thank you!

I invite you to browse through this collection and listen to the audio samples. Feel free to send me your comments, ideas or materials using the following address: [email protected].