Percival or Percival Schuttenbach is a Polish folk metal band from Lubin, formed by musicians due to their fascination with history and historical reenactment in 1999. The name "Percival" refers not to any historical figure, but to the gnome named Percival Schuttenbach from Andrzej Sapkowski's The Witcher series of novels. The leaders of the band are Mikołaj Rybacki and Katarzyna Bromirska. They became known for their song Lazare which was used as soundtrack song for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt video game.

The band plays traditional songs of Europe, mostly Slavic, and its own compositions referring to Early Medieval times, such as the Vikings era and pagan Europe. Musicians play traditional instruments: long-necked lute (saz or Bağlama), byzantine lyra (rebec), drums, and flutes. Percival presents its music during historical events in Poland (e.g. the biggest Viking and Slavic festival in Poland on Wolin island), as well as abroad in Germany, France, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovakia, Belgium, Isle of Man and Scandinavia.

The table below lists songs that feature recordings made by Percival. Click on a song name to see the lyrics and more info, or click on a download link to play the corresponding audio sample.

# Song title Audio samples
1 Сокол ми лета високо download