Gamze Matraci

Musician, singer, Turkish Classical Music artist. She was born in 1987 in Izmir. She is from a family that came to Turkye as immigrants from the village of Veniçan in the city of Köprülü (Veles) in Yugoslavia in 1957. After primary, secondary and high school education, she graduated from Ege University State Turkish Music Conservatory Voice Education Department in 2010.

Being the daughter of Aytunç Nevzat Mataracı, one of the important representatives of Balkan music, she was interested in Balkan music from an early age. She learned to play the clarinet from her father. She founded the Balkan Orchestre in 2009. With her repertoire consisting of Macedonian, Bosnian, Albanian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Greek, Gypsy and Turkish music, she took the stage at cultural events in many cities of Turkye and contributed to the popularity and spread of Balkan music.

The table below lists songs that feature recordings made by Gamze Matraci. Click on a song name to see the lyrics and more info, or click on a download link to play the corresponding audio sample.

# Song title Audio samples
1 Ах, каде е мојто либе download
2 Бог да го бие тој Ибраим Оџа download
3 Ја излези стара мајко download
4 Мома оди за вода download
5 Твојте очи Лено мори download