Aleksandra Popovska

Aleksandra Popovska (Macedonian: Александра Поповска; born 1975) is a vocalist, multimedia artist, educator, and composer/improviser currently resident in The Netherlands. Raised in the Former Yugoslavia, she was exposed to a wide variety of cultural influences. In the Balkans she is known as one of the pioneers in so called "extended vocal techniques". She uses her voice as an instrument and her interests in music are various, from folk and pop to jazz and experimental live electronics. Her freely exploration of different art contexts expands the boundaries of the genres. The focus of her most recent work is on new vocal performance and creation of audio-visual works.

The table below lists songs that feature recordings made by Александра Поповска. Click on a song name to see the lyrics and more info, or click on a download link to play the corresponding audio sample.

# Song title Audio samples
1 Ајде не ти личи Дафино моме download
2 Заблеала калеш овца download
3 Зајди, зајди јасно сонце download
4 Зајди, зајди јасно сонце download
5 Јасна Месечина download
6 Лажи, лажи Вере download
7 Молитва download
8 Море расти, расти ти малој моме download
9 Не си го продавај Кољо чифликот download
10 Ој Јано, Јано download
11 Ој, ти Пацо Дреновчанке download
12 Прошета се Јовка Кумановка download
13 Си заљубив едно моме download
14 Со маки сум се родила download
15 Учи ме мајко, карај ме download